Attention: Real Estate Professionals!

Fast paced competition is often the driving force behind a Real Estate Agent’s need for success. Accredited Staging Professionals™ are educated about working in the real estate industry and understand your world.

By staging your properties you will benefit by:

• Overcoming property lulls by moving properties into the fast lane
• Be amazed by listings which sell despite price, location or condition
• Securing the best possible price and earning you the greatest possible commission
• Being a highly and frequently referred Real Estate Professional
• Become known by your peers as a trend setter –savvy marketer
• Boosting the economy in your area

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Are you a homeowner looking to sell your home? Be sure your house sells for what it’s worth! Stage your home before you place it on the market.

When you walk into somewhere new, a place you have never seen before, what do you notice? Do you notice the color of the walls or the arrangement of the furniture? Most people decide whether or not they are comfortable in a home within a few seconds. That is why it is crucial the first impression of your property is a good and lasting one.

This is where Accredited Staging Professionals take on the very important role of presenting your home to appeal to all potential Buyers. ASP’s work magic in a space to spark buyers’ interest, connecting them emotionally to the property. This increases marketability, often resulting in higher offers and a speedier sale.

Barb Schwartz, founder of Staging Homes in the early 70’s says, “If you can’t see it you sure can’t sell it!”

• Help save advertising dollars by helping the house sell quickly
• FREE – Advertise your property on and website – property for sale section – to assist in getting top value for your home
• Work within your budget constraints
• Deal respectively and professionally with you and your Real Estate Professional
• Give your home the ‘targeted lifestyle’ look to demand buyer attention